Garment Care

When you buy from Hannah George Vintage, all pieces available for purchase are freshly laundered and ready to wear before being sent out to you unless otherwise stated. Some pieces will be not be washable depending on their fabrication, age and condition; this is most likely with pieces dating from the 1930s and earlier. Many will also be dry clean only.

We will always include a guide for cleaning and taking care of your new treasures delivered alongside them in the parcel, so please make sure to read this carefully before washing or cleaning! 

We usually recommend hand-washing in room temperature water for most garments, allowing them to soak rather than popping them in the washing machine. Often a small diluted amount of fairy non-bio will be enough to remove dirt from everyday wear during a soak. Please contact us if you have a particularly bad stain and we will advise you as best we can.

Please steam most garments unless otherwise stated, as contemporary irons are often too hot and can melt early fabrics such at rayon etc. Steam all velvet items (this includes shoes) to remove crushing.

For more tips and tricks for vintage garment care please contact us at