Hannah George Vintage started years ago when I would go out with my mum as a kid and hunt for treasures at car boot sales and antiques fairs, you could say I was brought up in the industry. I began buying to sell when I was around 17 after my oldest friend Hannah passed away ~ instead of running a marathon my mum and I decided to fundraise by selling some of our vintage items we had collected over the years. The summer sale was so successful that the next year people wanted us to open again, and so began George & Beth, my first vintage venture selling beautiful, decorative pieces for the home, that I still run part time with my mum today. 

While George & Beth's main focus was vintage and antique decor, my real love was always fashion. My background in fashion design, both menswear and womenswear, means that while hunting for pieces for G&B I would spot garments for my own wardrobe that I couldn't resist. It was the next natural step to start selling vintage clothing representing my own style and love of fashion.
Hannah George Vintage is here to find and deliver you stunning, hand-picked vintage pieces that have a story to tell, are stylish, well made and can work with your contemporary wardrobe. After all, most modern trends are based on styles from previous decades, so why not have the real thing?
Founder, Hannah, in her natural habitat